Occupancy Specialists: Senior Living's marketing programs are leading edge.


Marketing and Sales Presentations: Senior Living oversees marketing programs, including sales presentations.


Senior Living provides the following consulting services at any stage of development. Our programs are custom tailored to each client.

Marketing Services

A. Initial Market Research

  1. Demographic Review with Recommendations
  2. Market Feasibility Study and Competition Analysis and Review
  3. Evaluate Sites for Marketability
  4. In-depth Market Research including Surveys and Focus Groups
  5. Creative Marketing and Positioning with Complete Marketing Plan


B. Program Planning

  1. Establish Project Parameters to Fit Market
  2. Develop Program Design, Pricing and Services to Meet Market Preferences
  3. Budget Development, Management and Planning
  4. Develop Community Groups and Advisory Committees for Networking
  5. Establish Community and Public Relations programs
  6. Work with Regulatory Agencies as Required


C. Marketing and Sales Program

  1. Oversee Design and Layout of Marketing Office
  2. Design Wall Graphics, Scale Models and all Other Sales Tools
  3. Collateral and Product Development
  4. Development and Management of Reporting Forms and Systems
  5. Establish Marketing Procedures, Programs and Advertising
  6. Implement Lead Generation, Tracking and Management Systems
  7. Website and Social Media Review and Evaluation
  8. Staffing, Management and Training
  9. Sales and Lead Follow up Systems and Procedures
  10. Move-in Procedures, Programs and Occupancy Schedules


D. Manage On-Going Marketing and Sales Effort

  1. On-Going Performance Review and Adjustments
  2. Continual Review of Pricing and Competition
  3. On-Going Marketing Staff Supervision and Training
  4. Continuous Polling of Prospects and future Residents
  5. Fine Tuning of Promotional and Advertising Campaigns
  6. Regular Reports of Strategies and Results


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